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Greenery to Go - Dragon Tail Plant (Epipremnum pinnatum)

This month's plant offering in our Greenery to Go collection is the Epiprenumm pinnatum or Dragon's Tail plant. This gorgeous greenery is perfect for the novice or nervous plant parent as it's hardy, forgiving and did we mention gorgeous?

  • Large glossy &  leathery leaves
  • drought tolerant requires little water (let the top soil dry out before watering again)
  • can tolerate low light levels

While young, the leaves are elliptical, one of our favourite feature's about this plant is when the leaves mature they are deeply incised and resembling monstera leaves. This plant can seriously climb so don't be afraid to prune and propagate once it starts getting too large for your space! 

*Please note while this plant is very easy care it can cause skin irritation and should not be ingested in anyway by human or animal.

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