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Greenery to Go - Syngonium podophyllum wendlandii AKA 'Arrow-head Plant'

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Wowser 'Wendlandii! This is one for you indoor plant collectors and seekers of unusual aroids.

The Syngonium podophyllum wendlandii or 'Arrow-head' or also known as the 'Goose-foot plant' due to the shape of its leaves.

This slowish growing plant has deep velvety, green foliage with a strikingly white midrib. While young the plant leaves are compact and have their distinctive  arrow-head shape.

  • Beautiful foliage plant
  • rare and hard to find
  • upright when young & cascading with maturity 

As the plant matures the the stems extend and this beautiful indoor plant begins to cascade (perfect for a bookshelf or bathroom window sill. Mature leaves also lose their arrow-head shape and take on a more lobed appearance.