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Greenery to Go - Peperomia Orba



The sweet little Peperomia Orba is a semi-succulent plant and is a perfect indoor plant gift to send to a friend or for your home office desk. These low maintenance indoor plants are perfect anywhere you need a little feel good foliage.

The Peperomia Orba may stay small in stature but they are big on ease and looks. This low fuss indoor plant is ideal for busy plant lovers as they require very little attention to thrive. 

  • Pet-friendly & non-toxic
  • low-light tolerant
  • Low to medium water requirement

The ease of this hardy little plant is sure to make it a favourite and great for adding some gorgeous jade green to your houseplant collection. We love Peperomia Orba's thick almost waxy round to heart shaped leaves and vibrant green colour!