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Greenery to Go - Maranta Leuconeura (Red Stripe) AKA 'Prayer Plant'

The Maranta Leuconeura is highly prized for its strikingly patterned foliage. Deep emerald greens are highlighted by zingy lime shades and a hot-pink/red midrib. 

Place your Maranta in a warm, brightly lit position that does not see it get too much direct sunlight and pay attention to its watering needs as they do require eeven moisture but can stand having wet feet.

Much like its cousin the Calatheas, Maranta have the charming habit of folding its leaves up in 'prayer' at night. 

  • Striking foliage
  • Non-toxic
  • Trailing growth habit

*Please note that the plants shown my or may not be the exact plant you receive and some variation in size and colour is natural. They're plants after all :)

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