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Greenery to Go - Alocasia 'Green Velvet'

Foliage lovers fall into line - this one is for you! 

The Alocasia "Green Velvet' is a rare and highly decorative specimen plant sort after by serious collectors. 

  • Rare & highly decorative foliage
  • Dramatic foliage plant
  • Collectors plant

 The velvety green foliage of this beauty is to be admired by many a collector - but their true beauty it is in the reflective sheen that can only be enjoyed in bright sunlight. It will have you transfixed, we promise.

As a member of the plant family collectively known as 'elephant ears', the deep emerald green foliage forms in an arrow-head shape with striking white veins. As the plants mature the foliage will only increase in size and spread. They require moderate but regular watering while being allowed to dry out between each drink and a warm environment year round.


Please note: these beautiful alocasia originate from tropical climates of South East Asia and may go dormant over the winter period if thy get too cold (especially in colder areas like Victoria) but they will soon bounce back once spring rolls around.