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Greenery to Go: Oxalis triangularis - A.K.A 'Purple Shamrock'

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Although definitely not green, Oxalis triangularis captures your plant loving heart at first glance with its deep purple butterfly shaped leaves and pale pink to white flowers.

Still relatively hard to come by we have a limited number in stock so be quick if you want to gift this stunner to someone truly special or add it to your plant collection!

  • Purple Variegated Foliage
  • Nyctinasty (leaves close at night)
  • Easy care

We've paired Oxalis triangularis with a range of our simple potsĀ  to emphasise their striking shape and colour.

Pot size: 15cm x 15cm x 12.5cm

*Please note that the plants shown may or may not be the exact plants you receive. Naturally, there will be slight variations in size and colour, they are plants after all. :)

**As dormancy is a natural phase for these lovely plants we do not offer a refund or replacement if your oxalis goes into a dormant phase after receipt. Please visit our care page (here) and be patient. They will come back once conditions are right.