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July 27, 2022 1 min read

The mottled foliage of the Silver Satin Pothos creates the impression of a satiny sheen. These beauties can be trained up a moss pole or left to trail and cascade whichever your preference. Alternatively, to keep these plants compact prune leggy growth regularly.

This popular indoor plant is native to Southeast Asia, with a compact growing habit and beautifully mottled, heart-shaped leaves it's easy to see why it's become a favourite amongst indoor plant lovers. 

As a jungle dweller in their native habitat these plants require bright but dappled light and should not be place in direct sunlight except maybe in the winter months when the light is much softer. If you notice the variegation fading this is a good indication that the plant requires brighter lighting conditions. 

They will naturally appreciate some humidity but seem very happy to tolerate average house conditions. 

These indoor plants like an even moisture level and ideally should be watered as soon as the top soil feels dry to touch. However, as they are quite hardy they will quickly bounce back after a short periods of watering neglect.

I've included these beauties in my list of 'canary plants' as they have a tell-tale sign to let you know they are extra thirsty; curled leaves and dry top soil are a sure sign these need a good water.