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March 23, 2022 1 min read

The Parlour Palm is the quintessential indoor plant (checkout some of its history here). Native to the subtropical and tropical regions throughout the Americas this true palm has been a popular indoor plant because of its elegant but but easy-going growing habit and ability to thrive in lower light conditions. We love them due to their excellent air purifying ability and because they are non-toxic to pets. 

 The Parlour Palm once established can easily grow to between 8-10 feet, if cared for correctly. These indoor plants do not like to have their roots disturbed too often so avoid repotting until they've really filled out their container or if possible only repot every 2-3 years, until they are well established. 

Like many popular houseplants the Parlour Palm will tolerate lower light conditions but would prefer brighter indirect light, softer morning light is perfect. Harsh, direct sunlight should be avoided as the elegant fronds are susceptible to scorching.

Watering these elegant indoor plants should be done regularly but be sure to allow the plants to dry out between watering. Overwatering is a sure way to kill your Parlour Palm. Watering should be reduced significantly during the colder months and increased as the weather warms up.

Working out your best watering schedule may take a little experimenting as naturally, each house, location and light level will effect your Parlour Palm's watering needs.

The average home temperature and humidity level should more than suffice to keep your Parlour Palm happy. If you're comfortable then your new palm friend is happy too!