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August 04, 2019 1 min read

This is a great example of why the Calathea family of plants is one of our favourites. A beautiful evergreen, Calathea musaica has striking tessellated patterning reminiscent of mosaic tiles across its foliage.

Like most calatheas these beauties enjoy bright indirect light, however, will adapt to lower light positions being under storey plants in the wild. They also appreciate higher humidity levels while indoors and detest drafty positions so please don't place these guys near the front door or frequently opened windows in the colder months. They definitely prefer warmer temperatures ideally between 18-26 degrees but can tolerate lower temperatures to about 15 degrees celsius, albeit begrudgingly.

Relatively easy to look after, these beauties like most Calatheas, will enjoy and thrive best with constant and even moisture levels. They do not like having wet feet so be sure to always check they have good drainage from their pots and pour off any leftover water. 

Speaking of water they can be a little fussy about water quality so be sure to use either distilled, room temperature water or just good old tap water that has been allowed to sit overnight (ideally even longer) to allow the majority of plant-harming chemicals such as chlorine to evaporate.

 These are also non-toxic to pets which is great news for you and your curious fur baby.