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May 04, 2022 2 min read

The Begonia Rex is certainly one the most striking of indoor plants and are loved for their incredible foliage. Of which there is a diverse range of colour, textures and shapes.

Often marked by dramatic splashes of colour and patterns, ranging from grey-greens, burgundy, pinks and metallic sheens. Begonias are pretty addictive - once you have one in your indoor plant collection you will no doubt want a few more. Beware the Begonia 'rabiit-hole', with approximately a thousand varietals there are so many to discover.

They are sometimes considered a little finicky but if you follow a few easy care tips they'll soon be amongst your some of your favourite indoor foliage friends.

They enjoy bright indirect light and will not mind having some direct sunlight in the early morning (here in Melbourne) but once the Australian summer is in full swing move these beauties away from the window or they will be scorched. 

A regular water once a week should keep your Begonia Rex happy but be sure to allow it to dry out a fair bit between watering. As long as the top 2cm feels dry its safe to water allowing any excess water to drain off thoroughly, as like most other indoor plants Begonia Rex will rot if their feet are left too wet too often.

Another note on watering - it is particularly important for indoor begonias to be watered from the bottom when possible to avoid bacterial and fungal infections.  If watering from the bottom is not possible be sure to avoid the leaves when watering; a small watering can with a narrow spout (like these) is ideal and always gently shake off any water that pools in those fabulous folds of foliage.

Originating in the tropics Begonia Rex will enjoy any added humidity you can provide but will tolerate the average humidity levels of most houses. If you're not having trouble with dry air then your begonia will usually be fine too. Crispy leaf tips are a clear sign your begonia requires more humidity.

In regards to fertiliser they will definitely enjoy a steady but dilute dose during the warmer months but if they start to look leggy, ease off as the Begonia Rex is at it's best when compact. 

If they do become leggy, simply prune back hard before spring and they will re-emerge in a compact form.

So, if you're ready for a striking new indoor plant to add to your collection the Begonia Rex will not disappoint.