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March 21, 2019 2 min read

Originally a native of Brazil this easy to care for indoor plant will soon be a favourite member of your indoor plant collection. Their stunning purple colour and foliage shape create an amazing contrast to any green backdrop. However, what is most charming about these plants is their 'nyctinastic' (closing at night) habit.

After a showy display during daylight hours these little charmers fold up their leaves which honestly look more like petals and take on the form of a 'kaleidoscope of butterflies' resting. Who knew that was the collective noun for butterflies?

They are relatively easy to maintain and have the potential to live an extremely long life. Making them the perfect plant gift as they can become an heirloom plant passed on down through generations. In fact, the grower I received my bulbs from said they were from his grandmother who was given a plant when she was a young girl, over 80 years ago. Plants are amazing!

Care Tips

Oxalis triangularisare a bulb plant from the same family as the common green Oxalis you may find in your average suburban garden. These however, are far more enchanting.

These indoor plants are very happy in a bright sunny spot and even enjoy a little outdoors vacay from time to time. They like to be watered moderately but kept on the ever-so-slightly drier side.

That said, be careful not to let them dry out too much as this will cause these indoor plants to go into dormancy. As will over watering so you'll need to find your plant's happy medium.

You may start to worry as you watch the gorgeous purple leaves start to wilt and fail to open in the morning. No need to panic, if your Oxalis starts to look a little shabby it may simply have decided it needs a rest and is preparing to go to sleep. Just let the leaves die off and gently pull from the soil and compost, if you can.

Allow the soil to dry out and move to your plant cool dark place for 2-4 weeks, watering lightly very occasionally.

Soon you'll see a new shoot at which point you can bring it back out and begin its usual care routine. It truly is satisfying watching how quickly this plant can transform from a tiny shoot to a lush cluster of purple butterflies.